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The art of Greek cooking dates thousands of years back, lost in the mist of history. Being a part of the Greek philosophy, it is conceived as a ritual of eating and drinking. “To allow a visitor to leave without serving him something would be uncivilised. For a guest to refuse to taste even a bit would be equally intolerable.”

Greece is the source for an original European cuisine, just as it is the source of Western philosophy. It was Archestratos in 320 B.C. who wrote the first cookbook in history and cooking become an art...

Souvlaki, moussaka, pastitsio, tzatziki, choriatiki, feta ….

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Tis Oras Catering with the unique range of Greek dishes and experience in catering services can turn each occasion into a memorable event. Each party is unique and our chef will organize a specific menu that suits your needs.
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